Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are You In Funding Union already?

Funding Union - FIRST and ONLY bitcoin based Social Network.
$10 ONE Time out-of-pocket in bitcoin.
Instant Cashout.

Funding Union is the NEW, Fully Automated Version of the former NeoFeeder, that works effortlessly for BOTH Passive AND Active Members, is launching now, as I type this, Feb. 2, 2014.

THIS is the Wealth Generator we all have been needing - to live from, and to fund other programs with.

Perfect for everyone, everywhere; as long as there is Internet, it's available anywhere on Earth!

The sooner you're in, the sooner the big bitcoins come your way!

We are all working together to fill one massive matrix. Rather than everyone needing to bring in 3 people.

New members come into the next available position from left to right. This means that your personal referrals may end up next to you (but they will still be Your Personal Referrals).

There is a one-time $5 processing fee when you register.
Starting from Level 3, one of the payments you receive will go into a Pool.
This will be to Reward Top Individual Referrers as well as Teams for their hard work.
We are allowed multiple positions in the matrix.

EVERYONE can make serious bitcoin income here - both ACTIVE and PASSIVE people.

Active referrers get Additional Bonuses.
The Compensation Plan.

  • Start: $5 + ($5 Processing Fee) = $10   On Level 1, you get paid $5 x 3: $10 automatically goes to your Level 2 Sponsor for your Level 2 Upgrade.  (You keep $5)
  • On Level 2, you get paid $10 x 9: $50 automatically gets paid for your Level 3 Upgrade. 4 more payments x $10 (You keep $40) 
  • On Level 3, you get paid $50 x 27: $100 automatically gets paid for your Level 4 Upgrade. $50 goes into the Rewards Pool) 24 more payments x $50 (You keep $1,200)
  • On Level 4, you get paid $100 x 81: $300 automatically gets paid for your Level 5 Upgrade.($100 goes into the Rewards Pool) 78 more payments x $100 (You keep $7,000)
  • On Level 5, you get paid $300 x 243: $600 automatically gets paid for your Level 6 Upgrade.($300 goes into the Rewards Pool) 241 more payments x $300 (You keep $72,000)
  • Fundingunion has 11 levels so your incomepotetntial  is enormous

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3 Easy Steps To Get Started...
Step #1 - Create Your Coinbase Account And GET Your API Key.

Step #2 - Register With Funding Union Inc.


Step #3 - Activating Neo Feeder Status, Payment Process.


Additional Video:

How To Transfer From Blockchain To Coinbase

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

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If you´ve been using the Inernet  for more than 15 minutes, then you´ve seen the lies and scams of all the money making programs
If you're looking for fast and easy money, keep looking as we can't help you. In reality, nobody can help you, but the scammers keep stealing from the weak and gullible people who want to believe they can get rich overnight with no money, no work and that the company they join will do all the work for them.
So for all those who want the truth and want to do things right, this page is for YOU.
For all those who want to be cheated and told what they want to hear, while they spend money and time working programs that will never make them a dime, this page is not for you.
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Perfect Opportunity for all of us to make more money and it's free forever

My sponsor offered me to join this site, its free forever and is giving share.   here's the link:   http://www.globallshare.com/en/1485461.html

This is what she said: I found a perfect opportunity for all of us to make more money and it is free forever. A new social network website is giving shares and they are going to pay member %70 of their profit,  We only have until dec 30, 2013 to promote refer and make good money. click on the link and join for free, they will never ask for money. for every 5 people you invite you get one share yes they are rewarding people with shares plus if u do not refer anyone you earn one share a day so as soon as u join after 24 hrs in your back office u will see one share added, so join right away And we will get paid on 01/30/2014 each service of the GlobAllShare's worldwide social network will be available and the crediting of dividends after shares is commenced and the trade of GAS shares is started. Even if u have no time to promote it use it as a free website to promote whatever you are currently doing, you can also create ads..
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Geoway offers exclusive cookware and many other things made in Germany

Geoway offers exclusive cookware and many other things made in Germany to the worlds highest standards. http://www.geoway.ge
Orders online.  Contact  info
 address: 20 Kakabadze st. 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
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